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6pc Must Have Smart Serums Kit 


Age, Pigment, & Acne Control Serum

This daily Vitamin A & C treatment jump starts the anti-aging process. This mega-dose serum infuses retinol, three forms of vitamin c including c-ester, co-enzyme Q-10 and alpha lipoic acid to control the signs of genetic aging, environmental aging and acne. The results are immediate and progressive. The appearance of skin color, texture, fine lines are improved. Youthful, healthy skin is truly ageless!


Plumping Hyaluronic, Vitamin B Gel

The best hydrators are those that mimic the real biological moisturizers within our skin. VITal B Hydrogel does just that. It contains high concentration of hyaluronates that can bind to excessive amounts of water. This is similar to how the GAG's (water binding molecules found in our skin ) work within our skin. Powerful regenerating peptides that augment that skin's natural collagen production also offer a bonus benefit of increasing plumping and hydration as well. Soothing anti-inflammatory Vitamin B (panthenol) and rose calm skin and reduce redness. These multiple benefits make this oil-free gel an ideal treatment for all skin types even often over-looked oily or acne prone skin. This newly boosted formula is a must for all and an integral part of a daily VITal A B C Dermaware Regimen.


Corrective Pure L Ascorbic Idebenone Gel

Concentrated pure L-Ascorbic acid vitamin C in this quick absorbing proprietary microgel delivery system offers several advantages. The microgel bio-targeted delivery protects the anti-oxidants to prevent against UV damage. Our botanical polyphenols and idebenone aid in protecting the skin and enhance absorption. The high concentrations of vitamins in their special anti-oxidant complex maximize potency - a key factor in vitamin C's ability to aid in the skin's natural collagen synthesis abilities. The results show improvements in the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration. Glowing skin, prevention and correction is a necessity in a daily regimen for all ages and skin types. Begin the with strong concentration (18 x) and move up to the extra-strong (24x) depending on your skin's tolerance.


Available options:

Gentle, Strong, Extra Strong, Max

Retinol for night time has been shown to promote epidermal rejuvenation or epidermal thickening as it is often referred to in medical skin care. As we age not only is there a reduction in the amount of collagen produced but we also see a reduction in the new skin cells that are produced in the epidermis. This leads to a thinning of the epidermis, dermis and an increase in the appearance of wrinkles. To combat wrinkles, thicken the epidermis and prevent future damage VITal Retinol Gel is an ideal treatment. It delivers high doses of potent retinol boosted with our regenerating peptides that have been demonstrated to boost collagen production and cellular renewal without any irritation. As the new skin cells are formed or cellular turnover begins, the old skin cells slough off. This characteristic is not only for skin rejuvenation but for acne control as well. Begin to see changes in your skin immediately. Start with the gentle strength (4 x concentration), progress to strong (7x concentration) then to extra-strong (10 x concentration) and upwards towards MAX (30 x concentration) depending on your skin's tolerance. Powerful, Potent Results- A must have night- time treatment for all skin types.


Multi Peptide Age Control Max

Maximum concentrate of bio-molecular peptides and stem cells delivers correction and prevention to each layer of the skin. From the top to the innermost layer, cellular and structural rejuvenation is targeted.


Peptide Age Control Serum

Highly active advanced Peptide concentrate includes regenerating, relaxing, neurosynapse, anchoring, lifting, and youth molecular messengers that combat skin aging on all fronts. Augmented with sea algae skin tightening, oxygen generating oxy-phyto complex, polyphenol rich berries, A must have to for those who want fast results with zero downtime.


Aging genetic / hormonal
Pigmentation environmental
Redness sensitive / rosacea


Key Ingredients: Vitamin A (Retinol), Vitamin B (Panthenol), Vitamin C, Bio-Molecular Peptides, Plant Stem Cells


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