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A1-Anti-Oxidant Cleanser

A6-Wrinkle Free Cleanser

B1-Anti-Oxidant Optimum Moisturizer

B15-Screenplay SPF 30 Tinted <br>Sunscreen & Moisturizer

Anti-Oxidant Cleanser

Wrinkle Free Cleanser

Anti-Oxidant Optimum Moisturizer

Screenplay SPF 30 Tinted
Sunscreen & Moisturizer

Age control foaming gel cleanser
8.5 oz. $46.00
Wrinkle control strong glycolic cleanser
8.5 oz. $48.00
Optimum hydration & daily anti-oxidant protection
2 oz $52.00
Oil-Free Chemical-Free pure mineral sun protection
2 oz $60.00
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B19-Go Spot Go Moisturizer

B3-Delicate Balance Toner

C10-VITal B Hydrogel strong

C14-A+ Smart Serum

Go Spot Go Moisturizer

Delicate Balance Toner

VITal B Hydrogel strong

A+ Smart Serum

Pigment Control
Lightening Brightening Hydration

1.7 oz $140.00
Hydrating Firming toning to soothe and plump
8.5 oz. $38.00
Plumping Hyaluronic, Peptide Vitamin B gel
1 oz $74.00
Age, Pigment and Acne Control treatment serum
1 oz $84.00
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C16-VITal Retinol Gel Gentle


C21-Pure C Glow Microgel Strong

C23-Go Spot Go Gel

VITal Retinol Gel Gentle


Pure C Glow Microgel Strong

Go Spot Go Gel

Night Time wrinkle repair peptide gel for age and acne control
1 oz $56.00
STEP: 3 Filing and Plumping

0.34 oz $40.00
Corrective Pure L Ascorbic Idebenone Gel
1/2 oz $62.00
Natural Quinone and Glycolic Pigment Control
1 oz $62.00
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D12-End of the line EYE Care

D4-End of the line AHA lotion mild

E10-Ruby Cream Scrub

E11-Go Spot Go Brightening Mask

End of the line EYE Care

End of the line AHA lotion mild

Ruby Cream Scrub

Go Spot Go Brightening Mask

Advance night repair for eye wrinkles and sagging
0.5 oz $46.00
Night Time Mini-Peel Rejuvenator
1 oz $36.00
Personal Microdermabrasion Exfoliation
4 oz $88.00
Pigment Control Mask
2 oz $58.00
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E17-Bare Fruit Mask Part 1 & 2

E6-Feed Your Face Mask

Bare Fruit Mask Part 1 & 2

Feed Your Face Mask

Deep Cleansing papaya enzyme mask with activator
Set $62.00
Nourishing Anti-Oxidant Cream Mask
2 oz $42.00
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• Unveven skin color.
• Dry, Rough Texture.
• Age Spots
• Fine Lines, Wrinkles


• A+ Smart Serum for cellular renewal.
• VITal B for plumping.
• Pure C Glow for skin lightening.
• Go Spot Go for pigment control.
• End of the Line for peeling.
• VITal Retinol for potent renewal.

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