Almost all of us have experienced a blemish or two in our lives. Whether it is a small pimple to pops up from time to time or it is more chronic, understanding the underlining causes can provide solutions moving forward. 

Step 1: It all starts with the pilo-sebaceous gland which is home to the hair follicle as well as the oil-producing sebaceous gland. 

HEALTHY SKIN TIP: Use Deep & Clear Cleanser daily.

Step 2: Normally the gland releases oil and the hair follicle grows from the same opening. With excessive oil production or in-grown hairs, the gland becomes clogged. 

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Step 3: As the sebum from the gland and keratin from the old skin bind, the occlusion causes bacteria to proliferate and the pimple becomes more visible. 

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Step 4: The bacteria continue to grow and cause inflammation, redness and discomfort. There is more and more evidence that inflammation plays a role in certain types of acne as early as step 1 early stages of acne. 

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